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Trendy Goggles: A new dawn for Adult stars

The use of Goggles is a new trend in the adult film industry, and so far it has not received the right applause fromadult film enthusiasts. Although the rules are still under discussion by the federal state, it’s yet to be seen how people are going to adapt to these new rules once they are passed. According to this new regulation, adult stars would be required to have these goggles on as they are known to offer protection the same way as condoms. The new rules have also led to controversies between adult companies, health advocates and actors who say that the rules are so unnecessary.

In their defense, they think that the new rules are unnecessary and are only applicable in a medical setting. They also think that if the new rules become operational then it would stigmatize and end up shutting down the entire adult industry. According to Michael Stabile – one of the spokesman for the San Francisco adult industry company thinks that the introduction of such laws are often based on stigma and they often make working conditions difficult. On the other hand, the Federal state considers this action as a wakeup call for the adult film industry.

These harsh penalties are thought to be ridiculous especially for adult companies and actor as well. If the new laws are enforced then it will kill the mood and pleasure in the industry. Although those who are into the doctor and woodworking fantasies on adult film would at least beg to differ. Even though people try to criticizeits approval, if a majority of conservatives join hand towards its implementation then it would pass with less ease. It will also be beneficial to other credit merchants, since the adult film industry will require advance funding to ensure business is always running even under new regulations.

Aside from that, the new laws are not just meant to outlaw the bad practices that are common with the adult film industry but rather it would abolish some common practices in the industry.For instance, the law would consider some of the bodily fluids as infectious. This according to analyst would be the downfall of the adult film industry in general. This will also mean a lot especially for those who take up roles or act as lead characters in most of the acts. Since most of the pleasures that makes role playing interesting is abolished then most upcoming actors would consider not being part of the industry at all.

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