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How to Sexually Please a Man

Sex is an important aspect of any romantic relationship and any couple looking to ensure their union lasts cannot ignore this element of their connection. Though it can be argued that sex is not the only thing that determines the strength of the potential bond of a couple, it is still a crucial element of the equation and can be the reason that an otherwise steady relationship comes to an end. Some women may not be fully aware of how to please their man when it comes to matters of the bedroom. This can be as a result of not having the experience or knowledge necessary to go about matters in a way that is attractive to their partner. Sexually pleasing a man does not simply mean acquiescing to his requests for sexual activity, and can include a number of elements that at first glance might seem trivial.

There are a number of ways in which one is able to please their partner in bed. This can involve actual activities, such as the things that take place before, during and even after sex, as well as a number of psychological insertions that allows him to enjoy the experience as a whole.

Some of the things that one can do to sexually please a man can include:

Showing Interest

A man will better enjoy the sexual experience they have if the woman they are involved with shows that they want the sexual encounter to happen as well. Simply put, this can mean making the first move with regard to initiating the connection. A man does not want to always be the one who is asking for sex as it begins to feel like they are asking for a favor. Showing an interest can greatly enhance the level of enjoyment for both parties, as it becomes an activity that is clearly wanted by both parties involved. Setting up a romantic dinner dressed in sexy clothes in the privacy of one’s home can be a great way to welcome a person’s better half home from a long day of work. One can also decide to drop a number of hints indicating that they want the encounter to happen.

Being Open to New Things

This is not to say that an individual should agree to whatever proposition that is made to them, but should keep an open mind when it comes to trying out new things involving sex. This could either be in regard to sexual activities and/or the addition of complementary items that could potentially enhance the sensuality of the activity. It should be noted that an individual has the right to refuse anything that they do not want to do, and the exploration of new activities should be a wholly consensual act.


A man will also enjoy a sexual encounter much more if their partner is able to express the pleasure they are experiencing. This can involve simple words of encouragement during the activity, as well as small acts of gratification like breakfast in bed.
Sex can be highly enjoyed if both individuals make an effort in ensuring that they focus on the wants and needs of their partners.

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