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5 Things All Women Should Know About Orgasms

Do you know all there is to know about orgasms? Do you know the physical effects that orgasm has on your brain and body? Although things are changing, the female orgasm is still not discussed enough and, because of that, there are many myths and misunderstanding surrounding orgasms. Here are just five of the things that all women should know about their own orgasm

5. Orgasms Can Relieve Pain
Yes, any man who knows a thing or two about female orgasm, will not be deterred by the old “I have a headache” routine, because he’ll simply suggest that he has a little something for that…he probably won’t refer to it as ‘little’, of course. All joking aside, sex really is a great way to relieve pain. In fact, the pain numbing chemicals released by the brain after orgasm are as effective as morphine. Unfortunately, however, the effects are short lived and will only last for 20-30 minutes.

5d8eecc45b3596d16fd0b28839ab1e554. After Orgasm, You’ll Sleep Better
Unlike men, who sometimes look as though they’ve been hit by a sedative that would stun a rhino, orgasm doesn’t wipe us out. However, it does have an extremely relaxing effect. The physical exertion of sex, coupled with the release of endorphins, can ensure that you get a great night’s sleep.

3. Women Who Orgasm Regularly Are Happier
This, understandably, is not all to do with sex. There are a number of interconnecting factors, not least of which is that lots of orgasms are indicative of a good relationship and a healthy, happy relationship is conducive to overall happiness. However, orgasms and the regularity with which they’re experienced do seem to have a direct correlation with how happy a woman is in every aspect of her life.

2. Many Woman Have to be Relaxed in Order to Achieve Orgasm
If you find it difficult to achieve orgasm, the most likely cause (although there are many factors at play) is that you’re stressed, anxious or concerned about one or more of life’s many problems. A woman’s brain is absolutely crucial to her sexual enjoyment. Your lover could be physically stimulating you in exactly the right ways, but if your brain is not participating, you won’t orgasm. Therefore, I recommend that you do everything possible to relax before you engage in sexual intercourse. Go for a run, take a long bath, get those pesky chores done do whatever you need to do to clear your head.

1. If You’re Experiencing Regular Orgasms, Your Sex Drive Will Soar
It’s often believed that men have inherently higher sex drives than women. I’m not convinced that this is true. Of course, there is a natural ebb and flow to everybody’s libido. However, for women at least, the more sex she’s getting (as long as it’s good sex) the more she’ll want. Put another way, women are insatiable when it comes to orgasms. We’re made to have lots of them and, if we’re in a good relationship, we simply can’t get enough of them.
Obviously, there are many, many more interesting facts about orgasms. Remember, the more you know, the better equipped you are to get the fulfilling sex life you desire!

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