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Intentions, Laughter and Orgasms

The last time MasterDoc and I had sex, I realized that he not only helps my mental well-being by giving me lots of orgasms, but also by making me laugh. I had done the ab-centric yoga dvd that day and as he made me laugh uncontrollably while being tied down I could feel my abs cry out from the soreness. But still he made me laugh and laugh, and it was such a relief from the stresses of my life. Years ago I had said I didn’t want a Dom who takes himself to seriously and I lucked out when the silliest Dom in the world found me.

I think I’m averaging sexual activity about once a week lately. Unless you count the once or twice I’ve masturbated. That’s pretty remarkable – the masturbation – considering even when I was hornier I greatly preferred partnered sex. Right now it’s a good sign that I’m getting spontaneously horny and seeking release through orgasm. My libido has been so low that any sign of it is good.

I often wake up in the middle of dreams where I’m trying desperately to find a bathroom I can use. Of course, I dream this because I actually have to pee and eventually I wake up and take care of that for real. An interesting spin on this type of dream happened yesterday morning when I dreamt I was living with my parents and brother again. For unknown reasons I had slept in my brother’s room (that happened for a few days in real life when I hurt my back and had trouble getting up the stairs to my room). In the dream, I was horny and trying to masturbate under the heavy blankets when my brother came in so I had to stop. At another point it was one of my parents, or maybe my grandmother who barged in. I was getting so frustrated that I couldn’t get off! In the dream I moved to my room in my parents’ house but someone came to bug me there as well. I woke up feeling horny and perplexed by such an odd dream.

I didn’t get around to masturbation until last night.

I’ve had two dates this week other than MasterDoc and sadly did not get up to sex either time. I saw Shane on Tuesday but I had an upset tummy. I had a third date with a new guy on Wednesday but he knows I’ve been dealing with libido and health issues lately and was very low key. I do wish I had had enough libido to ask him to make out with me. It seems I do the lesbian sheep dance with guys as well sometimes. Perhaps this is why I woke up sexually frustrated on Thursday. He’s a nice guy and attractive, so hopefully we’ll get things happening before long.

I have a date night with MasterDoc tonight. Hopefully the toothache that’s been bothering him won’t keep us from having some fun.

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